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Online Gift Card Program for RI

In partnership with the Lieutenant Governor's Office and their Gift It Forward initiative. We are offering a program to allow your business to sell gift cards online, quickly. #KeepRIinMotion

Get Started with RI Gift Card Program:

To quickly get started, fill out the form below and someone from Trailblaze will reach out to you to walk you through the process. There are two options you can choose, depending on if you are a restaurant or not.

Info on How the Program Works:

This is supplemental to the "Gift It Forward" Program through the Lieutenant Governor's Office, we are offering a easy solution to sell gift cards online if you currently are unable to. We were able to get all setup and monthly fees waived for 90 days, which means you pay nothing unless you sell a card online. We also got the commission rate reduced for non-restaurants, which covers everything from credit card processing fees, hosting fees, and customer service. No long term contract required.

At Trailblaze Marketing, we can assist you with this or any other website/marketing needs you have. We are a marketing agency, not a gift card company, as we are only volunteering our efforts to connect you with a solution. The gift card companies are two local companies. Here is how it works:

  • Fill out the form below and you will receive instructions
  • The gift card company will reach out  and send over a contract for you to review and sign, and send back logo (no long term contract required)
  • They will set up a custom page for you with your logo, and provide you with your link
  • Now you’re all set! You can add the link to your website and/or www.rismallbusiness.org as well

We're In This Together

Please help spread to word to our community by sharing this link! Also, we built this webpage that has many of the resources to help you and your business here: www.trailblazepvd.com/forward. If we work together, we can #KeepRIinMotion


Interested in Gift Card Program?